Hello everyone! I’ve been inspired by the upcoming holiday of all things love, so I wrote you a list of vegan things to do for Valentine’s Day. This list will be helpful to vegans, romantic partners of vegans, and anyone who still hasn’t thought about making special plans for V-Day. These activities/gifts are also applicable to those of you who are single and want to do something special for yourself or your friends. Spread the love this year, cruelty-free!

#1. Vegan Café Date

Photo taken by me at Antoinette’s Café in Buford, GA

More and more vegan cafés are cropping up all the time. If you don’t live nearby one, you may live near a café that has vegan options. Cafés are great Valentine’s Day spots, as they oftentimes have festive menu items that are only available during this time of year. This is also a great date idea for newer couples and friend groups, as it has all of the charm of Valentine’s Day without the seriousness of a candle-lit dinner.

#2. Make Vegan Chocolate

Vegan Halloween Chocolates

Okay I know it’s kind of weird that I’m using a picture of the chocolates I made on Halloween, but I haven’t made my Valentine’s Day chocolates yet, so whatever. I mean I guess these are romantic in the literary sense of the word! What’s great about making chocolate is that there are so many molds and ice cube trays to choose from, especially at this time of year. You can go with the traditional heart shape, or personalize it to your Valentine’s interest. Maybe they are into skulls! Chocolates are also very easy to make vegan. I personally use Enjoy Life semi sweet morsels, coconut oil, vanilla, a pinch of cinnamon, and a little bit of salt. Melt all that down, pour it in a mold and freeze it. E Z.

#3. Have an Activity-Centric Date

Photo taken by me at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

The easiest way to make Valentine’s Day vegan-friendly is to go places where food is not the main attraction. This is especially helpful to those of you who live in rural areas where there isn’t many vegan-friendly restaurants. I recommend going to beautiful places such as botanical gardens, nature trails, local parks, and art museums. You can also hit up a romantic movie as well. Or, if you are spending V-Day with your friends, the new Sonic movie will premiere, so there’s an idea!

#4. Cook a Romantic Vegan Dinner

Vegan Avocado and Sweet Potato Sushi Rolls

I recommend preparing “classy” foods for this night. Usually pasta dinners, sushi, and mock vegan seafood dishes go over well! If you’re 21+, pair it with wine. Light some candles and play some soft music. Bone apple teeth!

#5. Make Valentine’s Day Crafts

Photo Taken by me at Free Spirit Pottery in Statesboro, GA

Homemade gifts are the most romantic! These can include knit gifts, pottery, paintings, music, and more. Show someone you care by really putting in the effort this year!

#6. Go Pink

There are so many vegan temporary hair dyes out there, like Lime Crime, Manic Panic, and Arctic Fox just to name a few. Why not dye your hair pink for the week of Valentine’s Day? Temporary colors generally wash out in 1-2 weeks, and the color isn’t damaging, so this isn’t a major commitment.

I hope you enjoyed my list of ways to veganize Valentine’s Day. I also want to thank those of you who gave me vegan restaurant recommendations in the comments of my last post about being vegan in ATL, because I ended up trying out a couple and fell in love! I would also like for you guys to tell me in the comments of this post about what you guys are doing for V-Day. Thanks for reading!

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