Hi everyone! I recently moved to the Atlanta-metropolitan area, and I have been thriving in this vegan-friendly environment. Almost every restaurant around has vegan options, and there are lots of completely vegan establishments, which is a huge change for me, a girl from south Georgia. I still have more places to explore here, so I might make a Vegan in Atlanta Part II post eventually.

This post will be helpful for vegans and vegetarians living in or visiting the Atlanta area, people with vegan friends, and people who just want to eat amazing/experimental dishes. This list is in no particular order.

Herban Fix

  • Location: Downtown Atlanta
  • Type: Upscale Asian food
  • Pricing: A bit on the higher end
  • Vegan friendliness: Completely vegan

Herban Fix is where I like to go on a nice date night or a Sunday brunch. Their lunch/dinner menu offers a lot of variety. Some of my favorite items from the menu are their soy fish, soy duck, beef stew, and raspberry chocolate mousse cake. Their buffet-style brunch is absolutely phenomenal, with a complimentary soup, large entree bar with options such as vegan shrimp and fried oyster mushrooms, sushi/dumpling cart, and dessert cart, you can’t really go wrong here.

Da Nang Veget

  • Location: Duluth
  • Type: Vietnamese food
  • Pricing: Dirt cheap
  • Vegan Friendliness: Completely vegan

I honestly can’t say enough good things about Da Nang Veget. Not only is the food super affordable, but it tastes great. The portion sizes are very generous, and the location great, as well. It is located within the Duluth City Farmers Market plaza, which includes other various Asian restaurants, cafes, and bubble tea shops. If you go to Da Nang Veget, make sure you also stop by the City Farmers Market as well. You won’t regret it! They sell items that are hard to find anywhere else, such as king oyster mushrooms, jackfruit, vegan seafood, and so much more.

Plant-Based Pizzeria

Photo from the Plant-Based Pizzeria Facebook Page

  • Location: Midtown Atlanta
  • Type: Pizza place with sandwiches and baked goods
  • Pricing: Medium
  • Vegan Friendliness: Completely vegan

Let me just say, it’s hard to find great vegan pizza. A lot of places offer Daiya cheese as a topping, but not a lot of places make their own vegan cheese from scratch, which tastes so much better. Plant-Based Pizzeria does a fantastic job with their pizza cheese, and their other ingredients as well! I got a vegan meat lovers pizza when I went there, and it was so great. I also got a side of vegan ranch with it, and the flavors paired off nicely. I have yet to try their chicken sandwich, but the pictures look amazing, so I plan to try it out soon.

The Curry Pot

Photo Taken from The Curry Pot Authentic Indian Cuisine Facebook Page

  • Location: Suwanee
  • Type: Indian food
  • Pricing: Cheap
  • Vegan Friendliness: Lots of vegan options, but not entirely vegan menu

I absolutely adore Indian food, and when I have a craving for it, The Curry Pot never disappoints. The staff are very friendly, and the curry is amazing! I always order mine at the spiciest level, and while it is the spiciest curry I have ever eaten (or food in general), the flavors always come through, never distracted by the heat. Their samosas are great, as well!

Avocado Vegan Cafe and Juice Bar

Photo Taken from the Avocado Cafe and Juice Bar Facebook Page

  • Location: Alpharetta
  • Type: No specific type
  • Pricing: Cheap
  • Vegan Friendliness: Completely vegan

When I was here, I ordered the personal pizza, fried plantains, and the tiramisu. Everything was delicious, and the prices were very reasonable. You get 20% off here if you promote the cafe on social media!

Antoinette’s Cafe

  • Location: Buford
  • Type: Coffee, tea, sandwiches, and pastries
  • Pricing: Medium
  • Vegan Friendliness: Lots of vegan options, but not entirely vegan menu

I live in the Buford area and visit Antoinette’s Cafe frequently. I love their bubble tea and cake pops! While they do serve meat and cheese in their sandwiches, they also offer vegan meat and cheese replacements. They have vegan turkey, bacon, and burger patties to substitute. Their chickpea “toona” sandwich is my favorite!

Thanks for reading about my favorite vegan places in the Atlanta area! Let me know if you try any of these restaurants out, or if you already have, let me know what you think about them.

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